Common Signs Of Emotionally Intelligent People

Common Signs Of Emotionally Intelligent People

We, human beings, have got emotions and we all display our emotions from time to time, according to our situation. Emotions are just a form of inner feelings in the most positive way. But, the most important thing in our life is that we should know, where and when to show these emotions. Everyone should know about this because emotions also make one, kind of, weaker person. Those who possess this talent of displaying emotions at the right time are claimed as emotionally intelligent people.

Basically, there is a difference between being mentally intelligent and emotionally intelligent. Mentally intelligent people are those who possess a good amount of mental ability and they know how to handle situations. And emotionally intelligent people are those people who know how to make the best decisions of life without getting influenced by the inner emotions as sometimes, emotions affect the one in a negative way and could deprive one of taking the decisions in the most unbiased way. We find mentally intelligent people everywhere but emotionally intelligent people are rare and not found easily everywhere. Besides, mentally intelligent people could be or could not be emotionally intelligent; but emotionally intelligent people are often found mentally intelligent.

There are some points/signs which could help us to become emotionally intelligent, which are enumerated as follow :

1. Pay attention to your feelings:

We all have certain types of feelings and these feelings make us human or no human. The basis of humanity is these contained feelings. We should always take care of our feelings and work accordingly. Because in case we ignore our inner feelings, we would not remain happy and happiness is one of the keys to making us emotionally intelligent.

2. Pause and analyze:

Pause and analysis should be done by everyone while working. When we pause or when we take some break/time and then analyze our work, we find our errors as well as the level of accuracy. This pause and analysis help us to make ourselves emotionally intelligent. This method helps us in improving ourselves. When we find our mistakes, we yearn to correct our mistakes. Those who accept their mistakes prove that they are not falling into the trap of being highly emotional. Because often highly emotional people fail to accept their mistakes.

3. Take up criticism positively:

We all get appreciation and criticism, based on our performance. Appreciation and criticism, both are the two sides of a single coin. Both help us to grow. But there are people who become happy and excited on receiving words of appreciation and become sorrowful and depressed for getting criticism. One should take both equally. We all should take criticism positively and should try to learn from these so that we could work more effectively to receive the best in our life. The emotionally intelligent people are often seen to take the criticism positively and they use it for their own benefit. They keep their ego aside and accept the criticism and work on themselves.

4. Have the ability to forgive and forget:

It is found that emotionally intelligent people possess the ability to forgive and forget. They forget the people and things and choose to move on, rather than keeping grudges in their minds as well as hearts. Forgiving and forgetting help people to live positively. Those who don’t forgive the others, make themselves only miserable because not forgiving and forgetting are the sign of not moving further in their life. And not moving on in the liver affects the people negatively and they live in pain, which affects their works too. These emotions make them emotionally burdened.

5. Have control over your thoughts:

We all get affected by our thoughts. Sometimes, these thoughts affect us positively but sometimes these bring out the negative effect. Therefore, we should know how to control upon thoughts. The emotionally intelligent people know how to control their feelings and thoughts and hence, they utilize this talent for their own sake. They know how to protect themselves from distractions caused by their inner thoughts and they become able to focus on their life goals. This quality makes them successful in their professional life and emotionally intelligent on a personal level.

All the above-mentioned points are the qualities possessed by emotionally intelligent people. We could learn and adapt in the course to become more emotionally intelligent than we are now.

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