Why one should learn Tally? What is new in Tally Prime?

Why one should learn Tally? What is new in Tally Prime?

Tally is one of the sought-after accounting applications used by almost 90% of Business Enterprises in India and abroad. Hence, the demand for a working knowledge of Tally is very high in the job markets. Once you get a certified certificate in Tally, it gives you an edge over other candidates for a job.

Tally is a very important skill for all the professionals in the Accounts and Finance industry. Even if you are employed, earning a Tally certification can increase the chances of your promotion or even can land your desired job. Tally is the kind of application that can boost your career in a very wider way, making your knowledge richer in Accounting, Inventory Management, and Taxation.

Who all are eligible to learn Tally? What are the eligibility criteria?

As Tally is a computer accounting application, a basic knowledge of both accounts and computers is required. Anyone who has completed his 12th standard exams can enroll for Tally courses from Tally-certified institutes. These days various institutions and eLearning platforms have launched certified Tally courses online, in which you can learn from the comfort of your home. Among these online eLearning platforms, SkillingIndia is offering a very interactive and innovative course on Tally ERP 9 which you can learn to re-enroll for their upcoming TallyPrime course.

What is this ERP version of Tally?

ERP is a full form of Enterprise Resource Planning. It’s a bundle of software that handles operations like Accounting, Inventory Management, Order Management, Tax Management, Payroll, Banking, and many such needs of the businesses. It helps in executing all day-to-day operations from recording invoices to generating Management Information System reports i.e MIS reports.

What is TallyPrime?

Tally Prime is the upcoming version of Tally software which is soon to be launched. TallyPrime is going to be the newest addition to Tally software. It is expected to launch with some new features given below.

  • Amazing new experience with the same blazing speed that Tally is known for.
  • Extremely simplified company setup
  • Enhanced User Experience – without the need to know the navigation path or learn shortcut keys
  • Ability to do multiple activities in multiple datasets at the same time
  • New short cut keys harmonized to global usage patterns (e.g. Ctrl C)
  • Easier and intuitive masters experience
  • Improved Transaction experience
  • More Comprehensive experience for and informative business reports
  • More robust data management and repair
  • Simplified synchronization, remote access, and security control
  • Eco-friendly printing capabilities
  • Single sign-on facility to multiple companies with the same credentials
  • Quickly handle simple and advance Transactions without losing context
  • Simple and secured connected services
  • Instant GST reports reconciliation.
  • Able to handle Multi-State GST in a single data
  • Simple and secured Connected Environment with GSTN – Save your GSTN user ID and password in Tally itself. Tally will manage the rest for you!
  • Intuitive navigation mechanism – No need to remember which report is where; just use the new inbuilt search of TallyPrime

Why should one learn Tally?

After completing a certified course in Tally, a student or a jobseeker’s perspective regarding taxation, accounting, and inventory management increases. Tally is an acronym for Transactions Allowed in a Linear Line Yards. In simple words, we can say Tally is an accounting computer application that helps to organize data and record transactions correctly. By learning tally one boosts his/her knowledge in both banking and accounting sectors. It enables a job seeker or a student to manage the accounting and bookkeeping operations of a business or a firm. Just like another computer tool, Tally also eases the workload and makes it more organized, accurate, and easily usable.

After GST came into effect most of the business came on the verge of getting shut down. GST was a new thing and it affected the tax pattern of every business and firm in every contrasting way. There is a feature in Tally which accepts GST and helps the learner understand it. Good working knowledge in Tally will help you to land a good job.

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