Why a structured online course is better than studying from the internet

Why a structured online course is better than studying from the internet

The Internet is like a treasure of information. If you know how to search properly you can acquire almost any kind of information from the internet. From millions of scholarly articles to manuals, you can take reference to anything on the internet. Before any online courses, people tend to take references from the internet. For instance, if a biology student has to submit an essay or thesis he may take references from his book or the internet. Textbooks are an authentic source of information and knowledge as they are authenticated by a certified governing body or information. But not all information on the internet is valid and true. You might get false information on the internet and if you believe that every piece of information on the internet is true you might commit some mistakes in writing your thesis, papers or may get incorrect knowledge.

As concepts like online courses, online education, online learning, etc. came into existence learning from the internet has become authentic and easy. Online courses from certified and well-known platforms are quite authentic and interactive. You get all the information about your required subject or skill on one platter. You don’t have to stumble upon various websites to learn something. Structured online courses have lots of advantages over learning anything manually from the internet. Below are some key points which prove how structured online courses are better than studying from the internet.


You want to learn the skill of digital marketing. And you have been searching this term on the internet. If you are a newbie you won’t get everything about digital marketing for free on the internet. You will have to be a very advanced internet user to grab all info and techniques of digital marketing. Still, chances are very less that you will get something authentic and resourceful about digital marketing. On the other hand, a structured online course will serve you everything about digital marketing on a platter. You will learn every minute of details of digital marketing with real-life examples, live tutors, and instructors. The experience will be different from what you will learn from studying various topics about digital marketing on the internet.


Not everything available on the internet is free. Online courses are also not free but If you compare the pieces of information or articles about a subject on the internet and a structured online course you will know the difference. A structured online course makes you learn a particular course, subject, or skill in a very organized way.


The most significant benefit of enrolling in an online course is that you get a certificate. It depends on the learning platform what sort of certificate you are getting. Mostly, paid online courses to give you a verified certificate affiliated with a premier institution or a governing body which adds strength to your CV and your professional career. This also increases your employability and in most cases, learners land a job in the industries related to their course.


When you are studying from the internet using various freebie websites, you don’t get any feedback from the websites you collect data or information. But in live online courses, you get feedback from your instructor and your peers about your submissions and other online activity on courseware’s community tab. This inspires learners from learning more efficiently & effectively.

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