What is visionary leadership? What are the characteristics of visionary leaders?

What is visionary leadership? What are the characteristics of visionary leaders?

With this historical perspective and pressure, you may think that visionary leadership is rare and certainly not something an average person can have. But, visionary leadership doesn’t have to be world-changing. You may already have visionary leadership and not even know it.

When the word ‘visionary leadership’ pops into your mind? You may think of great leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, who leads a war against Britishers with his strong determination and ethics. Mahatma Gandhi had a vision of a newly independent India. He foresaw things ahead of his time and made it possible to draw British occupation away from our nation.

This is a thing of history and taking examples from it, you may think visionary leadership is rare, and most probably it is a thing that normal average people can’t have. If you are thinking so or have thought so, you could be wrong. Visionary leadership is not all about changing the world. You might possess the quality of a visionary leader and you are unaware of that.

What is visionary leadership?

Any individual who sees the possibilities and potential for how the world should be, how things can go in accord, and then takes steps to get there, can be called a visionary leader. You can also achieve a visionary trait without doing much into leadership. You can become a guy who gives ideas. Ideas about changing the world, doing things right, and making people do such things. It is more like an actor who is reciting the dialogues written by a writer.

Characteristics of visionary leaders:

Risk Takers:

“Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.” This quote of former US President Barack Obama makes it obvious that change can’t be brought without risks. It’s not as easy as ABCD to bring change without taking risks. Visionary leaders are always cautious about the upcoming risks and sometimes they have to sacrifice a lot for this.

You don’t have to put yourself in the lines of Barack Obama, anyhow you are not going to contest US elections. The important thing is that visionary leadership is all about making changes. And there are lots of changes you can make to make yourself somewhat at the extent of these visionary leaders. Start finding your flaws and start working on them.

A good listener:

You might have read about the speeches leaders gave in the past or you might have seen contemporary leaders delivering speeches. People listen to them. It may be possible that you might not have noticed that these leaders also know the art of listening. It is one of the most important skills of leadership. Listening to others. It is said, “If you are not listening, you are not present.”

Good leaders hear the voices of their people. You aren’t a true leader unless people follow you voluntarily, and to make this happen, your team members need to feel heard out and listened to by you.

Takes Responsibility:

A visionary leader knows that his or her ideas are different and are a significant risk and the people that follow such a leader are also taking a chance in doing so. So, you must take responsibility for your actions and your vision.

This is not only when events go poorly—it’s also to make sure that they don’t go poorly in the first place. The leader is responsible for ensuring that the finances are available to pay people and keep the project moving forward. You must ensure that you treat people fairly.

Remember, having a vision is much like having a child. You would do anything and sacrifice everything for your child, but when you want anyone else to participate in raising that child, you have to pay them. A vision is the same: you cannot expect your team to sacrifice like you are willing to do. It’s not their vision; it’s yours.

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