What is emotional intelligence and how we can improve it?

What is emotional intelligence and how we can improve it?

You often might have heard or gone through the term Intelligence quotient, commonly termed as IQ. From the very beginning of your academic career, you would have realized the importance of IQ. But have you ever heard the term Emotional Intelligence? Can you figure out what’s more important?

If you think IQ is more significant, you will be astonished to know the information and facts given in this article. Some believe that Emotional Intelligence is more critical to our overall success than cognitive intelligence.

If you are all French to Emotional intelligence, then you have stumbled on the right page. Read on to learn what is Emotional Intelligence and how we can improve it.

What is Emotional Intelligence?

Merging information from different sources, Emotional Intelligence (also known as Emotional Quotient) can be defined as the ability to control and monitor your emotions and that of others, to differentiate and categorize different kinds of emotions, using emotional information to manage your thoughts and behavior and influencing others.

Emotional Intelligence is about empathy. How often you put yourself in other’s shoes and try to understand their inner feelings. How you talk about your insecurities, your feelings, your thoughts to others. One with higher levels of emotional intelligence can easily handle all day to day things related to our feelings, relationships, personality and self-existence. It permits us to associate with others, comprehend ourselves better, and live a more bona fide, solid, and upbeat life.

In today’s world imbibed with peculiar contrasts, where on one hand we are planning to build human colonies on Mars and on the other hand in third world countries toddlers are starved to death. In this fast-moving world, it has become very harsh and hard to look after one’s emotional intelligence. There could be several reasons out of which the most crucial one is that you don’t think about your emotional quotient. Our okayish attitude has made us ignore things like resilience, mental health, and emotional intelligence.

How we can improve emotional intelligence?

Reflect on your emotions:

To develop a higher level of emotional intelligence ponder deeply about emotions. This is the place where you develop the habit of being mindful. Consider your own feelings and how you regularly respond to negative circumstances, regardless of whether they include a colleague, relative or outsider. At the point when you’re more mindful of your feelings and common responses, you can begin to control them.

Request for perspectives:

What we find real could be very different and unrealistic from others' points of view. Begin requesting perspectives from others to see how you run over in emotionally charged situations.

Observe within:

Start sparing some me time for yourself and minutely think about yourself for some time. Think about yourself as a human, as a professional, as an individual etc. Mull around your insecurities, fear, strengths, weakness and try to pay more attention to these.

Think and express:

Think before saying or acting upon something. Most of our lives problems are a result of haste. Stop! And think wisely before saying or doing anything. It will eventually strengthen your decision-making skills and in the long run, will add to your emotional quotient.

Let’s trade shoes:

Quoting a part of lyrics of a famous Eminem song In my shoes, just to see. What it’s like, to be me.I’ll be you, let’s trade shoes. Just to see what I’d be like to. Feel your pain, you feel mine. Go inside each other’s minds. Just to see what we find. Look at things through each other’s eyes.” Try to be more empathic to others. Become more sympathetic by comprehension the “why.” Try to comprehend the “why” behind someone else’s sentiments or feelings.

Learn for the critics:
Who likes criticism? Conceivably nobody. In any case, it’s unavoidable. At the point when we decide to gain from criticism as opposed to just guard our practices, we can develop in passionate insight.

Practice makes a man perfect:

“Rome was not built in a day”. It needs practice to reach on zenith of Emotional Intelligence. Keep practicing, you don’t have to reach to the zenith. Keep trying and open up yourself to you. You will see the changes. Yes! The noticeable ones.