What are the major sources of motivation?

What are the major sources of motivation?

Life is all about moving forward. It is a journey that goes on and on always. We all keep moving in our lives, but sometimes we all get stuck at a few points. There are so many people who get stuck and there are so many who don’t. And those who get stuck, they tend to move further to complete their life’s path, so that they can achieve their goals. People who want their life’s path without any barriers and hindrances need some motivation, which helps them to move further. Motivation is that tool that helps us to boost our energy and influences us in a positive way to touch our winning ribbon of race.

Everyone has got their own cyclic path. They have their own life goals and for moving further, they need different sources of motivation as per their suitability. Therefore, it’s important to know which source of motivation people need, according to their own life goals. These sources are as follow :


Growth is the most important motivation in our life. For moving further, we should keep checking on our growth. And for growing, we should keep working hard to reach our goal point. There is no prosaic for success. It’s all your hard work and dedication that leads towards the path of success.


Love is the most positive motivational factor. It gives us positive mental strength and we try to give our best in our personal and professional lives. But sometimes, love also drives us in a negative way as it can emotionally manipulate people and could demoralize one. So, we should be quite careful, if we use the factor of love as our motivation.


Success is also our motivation as success always tempts us to push more and more. It always brings so much positivity in our lives and motivates us to work harder than we did previously.


Though fear is often termed as a negative word. But in our life, it also works as the harbinger of positive vibes. The fear of failure or the fear of losing our own goals really motivates us and helps in overcoming our losing match.

Change and improvement:

If we want to keep flowing with the present time, we must keep changing and improving our tactics of life. It is also our motivation in life, which helps us to make our life better.

What we mentioned above are some examples of sources that make us motivated towards our goals. If you google you will get number of articles, videos, and other content about motivation. It will only work until and unless you have that zeal to get motivated. You can even get motivated by recalling your past triumphs and victories.

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