Top Five Skills Every Student Must Have in the 21st Century

Top Five Skills Every Student Must Have in the 21st Century

The 21st century has changed the dynamics of the entire world and everything that makes up the world that we see. One of the best things that happened in this century is the reformation of the education system and growth in its reach.

With the changing world, it becomes important to design a student’s curriculum in a way that prepares the student for an advanced and fruitful future. For this, it is important to change the conventional ways of education. Incorporation of modified and modern learning and teaching techniques is more than necessary in the 21st century.

Schools should work closely with both the parents and teachers of the student to ensure good cognitive development of the student over schooling years.

In this article, we are going to talk about the top five must-have skills that every child in the 21st century should have to be prepared for the future.

Problem Solving Skill

Problem-solving skill is undoubtedly one of the most important of all the skills that every student should necessarily have to excel in life. With changing times, every-day life is getting more and more advanced, and it demands good problem-solving skills in a person to survive. With the introduction of computers, came an easy way to solve problems on an everyday basis. But, this has promoted humans to create new problems and dig for their solution. This is why effective problem-solving skills are crucially important in a child that is going to become an adult after the next couple of decades.

The modern world requires a student the ability to connect the dots, be good in correlation, analyzing the environment and coming up with a reasonable solution. Without this skill, the world for a child may turn out to be very difficult for easy and happy survival.

In a nutshell, problem-solving is not just an important skill, but a necessary skill that every student must have to ensure a bright and fruitful future in the modern world.


Self-management is the second and one of the most crucial of all the basic skills that every child should have to do good in life and develop into a person that is respected and considered as a person of culture in the society. We are living in a world where people from different cultures and beliefs came together to create a society. In such a united yet diverse world, a person of good conduct automatically becomes a person of great significance. This is why self-management is a skill that every school should focus on to prepare their students for a highly advanced and cross-cultural world.

Just to get a fair idea of the importance of self-management, we can take a glance at the corporate world that is now focussing on not only the physical skills of a person but also on emotional intelligence to decide a candidate is eligible for a job.

The capacity to cooperate in a healthy, mix in, become a good team member, control emotions during tough times and many other such capabilities are now being considered by companies to choose the right person for a job. This is why it becomes very important for schools to focus on the self-management skills of a student.


As we have already mentioned, the 21st century is a century where very boundaries are slowly vanishing and people from different cultures are coming together to create a society that is diverse, and yet united in its way. In a world like this, communication proves to be one of the most important of all the skills a person has. The Internet has provided not only a platform to gain knowledge, but also a platform where one can freely write, share, and communicate with others on different issues. Every student should be capable of participating in conversations to be able to sync with the ways of the world.

Schools should focus on student’s ability to communicate with the people around them. A student should be able to communicate in written, verbal, and expressive forms whenever the situation demands to go towards a happy and easy life in the modern world.

Creativity and Experimentation

There is nothing more beautiful and aesthetic than a child’s pure creativity. Every school should ensure that students have the freedom to be creative and satisfy their curiosity through experimentation. Exposure is very important and it should be the primary focus of the school from the day a child becomes a part of the school. Teachers should promote students to think out of the box, to let their curiosity and creativity explore the world that is out there.

We need to understand that both creativity and experimentation are important and they complete each other. Practical and creative thinking come together to make a student ready for society and the modern world.

Critical Thinking

Last in our list, but not least, the critical thing is a very important and a must-have skill for every student in the 21st century. Critical thinking makes a student question and looks at the world rationally. The habit of accepting everything is becoming a major problem when a student grows up to become an adult and enter the core society.

It makes a student aware of the world around them and promotes them to seek and look for an opportunity to make things better.

These were some of the most important and basic skills that every student should have in the 21st century. All of these skills are basic and with just a little effort by the coordination of teachers and students, these can be incorporated into a student.

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