Stress in children: Which signs show that your child is in stress

Stress in children: Which signs show that your child is in stress

There was a time when only the elders were counted amongst the depressed people. Now the children too are being found depressed. Anxiety, depression, and stress are common problems found among children. There may be various reasons for this stress. But the academic pressure tops the list. In today’s modern world, competition has put pressure on every child. Every child feels pressured to perform best in their academic field. Sometimes, some parents put stress upon the children. A problem like bullying is also being faced. The platform of social media has also been proved as a place for creating stress. When a child fails to tolerate these mental stresses, they become depressed ones. Their behavioral pattern begins to change. They start to show no interest in any work, neither in playing and other extra activities.
Some signs will help us to figure out whether the child is stressed or not. These signs are enumerated as following :

• Inability to sleep
• Anger outbursts
• Biting of nails
• Change in eating pattern
• Excess mood swings

1. Inability to sleep:
When a child finds it hard to sleep well, then we must conclude that there is something that we should bother about. We should try to look into the matter. It is observed that if the child is stressed, he is unable to sleep properly and because of incomplete sleep, he will behave the other way.

2. Anger outbursts:
If any child is mentally disturbed, he will show anger. The inner frustration will make him do so. They don’t know the right way to express themselves, therefore, they start yelling or crying. Therefore, if we see any child having anger outbursts, we must consult him, for sure.

3. Biting of nails:
It’s a common habit of ours that we start biting our nails when we become anxious about anything. The same habit is also found in the child when he’s stressed. Children also bite their nails in case of stress. Also in the studies and research, it is found that the habit of nail-biting is a behavioral and emotional disorder. Therefore, this habit must not be ignored and needs the attention of the elders.

4. Change in the eating pattern:
We all have a regular pattern of eating. And whenever any of us get anxiety from any sources in our life, we disturb our routines by ourselves. The children also do the same. Whenever they are anxious or depressed, they start to change their eating patterns. They can either overeat or will eat nothing. Excess eating or loss of appetite are some of the common indicators of stress in children. This changed pattern should always be observed and parents should try to figure out the problem.

5. Excess mood swings:
If our child starts to show excess mood swings. Then, we should understand that it is a sign of stress. If they start to show a drastic change in their behavior, then it must not be ignored. We should pay attention to them, if they start to show excess anger or become over sweet, all of sudden.

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