Side effects of procrastination: What are the side effects of deliberately avoiding important work

Side effects of procrastination: What are the side effects of deliberately avoiding important work

We should either do our work or directly deny those work, which we don’t wish to do. But making silly excuses for avoiding the work is not a sign of being professional. Besides, this bad habit increases our workloads and it could mentally negatively affect us.
Different people may have different reasons for denying it. Sometimes, it can be a personal reason too. But we also witness many cases, where we find that people who don’t want to work properly or make excuses are unaware of the importance of hard work. They also lack the motivation to push harder in their work field. They avoid hard work and save themselves by making false excuses or lies. Such behavior is known as Procrastination. This behavior is not only harmful to the workplace but also, for the one who follows this path. It could leave a negative impact on our life, so we should save ourselves from procrastination. In keeping in mind the consequences of procrastination, we should take some precautionary measurements for our benefit as well as for our work.

Side effects of procrastination: Let’s know how the habit of avoiding work can be harmful to you.

1. Wasting time:
People often avoid working. This bad habit of avoiding work means one is wasting time. If we will spend our time at work, we will always keep learning new things which will sum up our life experience. If we will work according to time rather than avoiding, then as a result, the work will finish soon. People who make excuses for avoiding the work, don’t only waste their time; but also, make it harmful for their benefit.

2. Losing opportunities:
People who avoid work by making silly excuses also tend to lose more work opportunities. We all get more opportunities if we work hard rather than avoiding them. Working hard and honesty always open the door of opportunities for us, which often leads to the path of our success. But, denying the work always closes the same door of opportunities, which works as a barrier for the field of success.

3. Fail to achieve goals:
We all have some life goals. We all see some dreams. And to achieve these goals, one has to work hard, without making any excuses. People who avoid work or deny it, always fail to achieve their life goals. Their dreams always remain unfulfilled. By making excuses or avoiding work, one doesn’t learn new things and experiences, which work as a hurdle in the path of their dreams.

4. Lack of self-esteem:
Working hard and honestly helps us in gaining some words of appreciation. And these words boost us and build our confidence. Such things are essential for one’s self-esteem. But, if one loses work by avoiding it, the other one gets the same work. And now, the other one receives positive stature at the workplace, which helps in establishing his/her self-esteem. In return, the first one loses his self-esteem as the others start underlooking him as he has denied doing the same work.

5. Damage the image:
We all create our image at home or office according to our habits and the work we do. Good working habit always helps us to create a good place amongst our colleagues. But if one tends to deny the work, they lose respect from the same people’s eyes. Now, everyone starts to look with suspicion and it leaves us with a bad image in the eyes of everyone.

Therefore, for gaining experience and opportunities, for reaching our goal point, for saving energy and time, for building our self-esteem, and also for making a good image amongst the folks; one should leave the habit of procrastination.

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