How usage of mobile phones before going to bed is affecting your mental health

How usage of mobile phones before going to bed is affecting your mental health

Before you read further, I want you to imagine a scenario where you have just lost your mobile. Close your eyes for a few minutes. Try to live in the scenario, feel it. I am sure you might have felt uneasy, restless, anxious and worried. This little role-play game is quite handy to make you relate to the intrusion of mobile in your life. Mobile phones play an important role in our life and mostly it eases our life in a very significant manner. But you know most of the things in this world come with pros and cons. You might have scrolled to your mobile before sleeping. You might not be aware of the fact that using mobile phones before can be harmful and disadvantageous in many ways. Mobile phones are the result of technical and scientific innovation which comes with pros and cons. Today we will talk about how using mobile devices before bed can negatively affect your mental health.

It leads to sleep disorders and affects your sleep negatively.

The light emitted by a mobile phone screen makes our brain believe that it is still daytime. Due to this secretion of sleep hormone ‘melatonin’ in our brain is restrained. Pineal glands in our brain release melatonin 2 hours before sleep but its secretion gets hindered due to lights emitted from screens. Daylong exposure to blue light emitted from mobile screen tricks our brain not to fall asleep. It is highly recommended that we should not use any screen or mobile device 2 hours before sleeping. If you can’t resist the temptation of using screens while on the bed, we will advise you to decrease the brightness of the screen.

Apart from the emission of light, mobile phones emit frequencies of 884MHz strength which hinders our sleep. It has been found in research that those who excessively use mobile phones before falling asleep are more prone to conditions like insomnia and other sleep disorders.

Mobile phones emit carcinogenic radiations

The radiation generated from mobile phones is harmful to both adults and children. But its harmful effects are more intensified for children. In this post-COVID 19 world when things have become extensively dependent on mobile phones, computers and the internet, it is very challenging for us to limit its use. Whether its online classes or remote work, mobile phones, screens and the internet are quite essential. Children are using mobile phones for their online classes and they are at more risk of radiation than adults. It is advised to buy such mobile phones for children which emit less radiation. If it is possible to limit the exposure of mobile devices to your children. Use wired headsets for a longer conversation on phones. Using these tweaks we can save ourselves and our children from harmful effects of radiation. Continuous radiation may lead to cancer.

Other risks of interrupted melatonin secretion

The interrupted secretion of melatonin not only affects your sleep pattern but it also causes other diseases like diabetes type 2, obesity, heart disease, metabolic syndrome, distracted memory and weaker immune system. These disease and health disorders indirectly affect your mental health. So avoiding mobile phones can save you from both physical and mental disorders. We know it is not possible to stop using mobile phones completely but we can limit its use. At least, we can limit its use for recreational purposes. Instead of watching a movie on mobile devices or playing games, we can read a book before going to bed.