How to make a good first impression

How to make a good first impression

Whenever we meet any new person on a personal or on a professional level, we try to impress the other one with a good impression. We give our best to represent ourselves in the best possible way. We all believe in the quotation that the first impression is the last impression. And it is really essential to leave the first impression good so that we can progress further in our life.

It is human nature that we all are being judged by our first impression, whether we visit any office for an interview or we go to any new relative of ours. And according to the same human nature, we judge others too by their first impression which they leave in our mind. It's a challenging job to give the perfect first impression in front of new people.

There are few tips that can be useful for us in creating an amazing first impression. The tips are as follow :

Body posture:
Our body posture speaks about our personality. Therefore, we should be sort of careful and conscious, when we go to meet and sit or stand there. If we sit, stand, or walk in a casual way, we could be misinterpreted as mannerless people. Obviously, we should be natural but we should be aware of manners. Such manners make us professionals in the work field. We should be comfortable as being uncomfortable can make us nervous. We should be easy with our bodies so that could give a relaxed vibe.

It is said that one is not dressed completely without a smile. Therefore, we should always wear a smile on our face as it saves ourselves from being labeled rude. Smiles always make the first impression best. We should smile while greeting or during the light conversation. But, we should be careful that we smile genuinely, otherwise, it will look fake.

Be a listener:
For the first time, if we meet others, we exchange our views, ideas, and opinions. Hence, the conversation starts. We speak and listen. But we see some cases, where one only speaks and speaks and doesn’t listen to the other one. This bad habit leaves a bad impression. Therefore, we should avoid too much talking and we should not deprive the other one of the chance of telling. We should always listen to the other one. This habit of being a good listener makes us appear humble and always proves helpful in leaving the first impression as a good one.

First common interest:
It’s so genuine that if we find other people like ourselves, we become more involved. Therefore, making the first meeting interesting, we should try to find a mutual common interest. So, two can bond well and go along in their first meeting.

Don’t exchange too much personal information:
For the first time, if we meet others, we should stay within our limits and should prevent ourselves from sharing too much personal information. Too much sharing of personal information can create hurdles in our future life. Therefore, we should be careful while choosing the words and should be self-conscious. We should keep it casual and should talk as per need. If we share too much of our things, it leaves an impression in the eyes of others that we are not trustworthy because intelligent people don’t open in their first meeting. Hence, if we get too personal, it can prove us as morons too.

Be yourself:
In our first meeting, we should be the original version of ourselves. We should always remember that those persons are always appreciated who present themselves as natural. Showing off or lying always creates a bad impression as all the lies or fakeness get disclosed at the end. And should not underestimate the others that the other one will not understand our fakeness. If one gets caught for his faking nature of lies, he has to feel embarrassed. Thus, for saving from such awful situations, we should be just ourselves as it helps in impressing others.

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