How to get relief from stress using Box breathing technique

How to get relief from stress using Box breathing technique

In today’s unstoppable world most of us go through stress. It has become part of our life and this is quite saddening. Each individual has to confront stress some time or the other. Stress typically influences the physical and emotional wellness of the individual. There are lots of ways through which you can control your stress level and boost your emotional health. But today we are going to talk about a very less popular technique to control stress levels.

In danger or in unfavorable situations our body acts in contrast to how it works normally. In these unwanted times, you feel stressed. Apart from the mental and physical suffering, your feelings and behavior also get negatively impacted. The good thing is that you can cope with such situations with the help of a technique known as Box Breathing. Box breathing is a technique which includes controlled breathing. It acts as a mental exercise and helps in managing getting rid of stress and anxiety and also helps in increasing concentration levels. Let’s know about this technique and how it is done.

What is box breathing?

Box breathing, also known by the name of ‘far square breathing’ is a breathing technique in which you inhale for a longer duration as compared to normal inhaling process. This technique has been practiced by people who meditate regularly. It helps us in calming the mind and giving instant relief from stress, anxiety and restlessness. It adds strength to your emotional wellbeing.

How to do box breathing?

Step 1: Sit in a comfortable chair which helps to provide support to the body.

Step 2: Breathe from nose slowly with eyes closed while simultaneously counting to 4. Feel the flow of air in your lungs.

Step 3: Hold your breath while counting to 4.

Step 4: Now slowly exhale and count to 4 while exhaling.

Step 5: Repeat this activity for 5 minutes.

Benefits of box breathing

  • It relaxes the autonomic nervous system of our body, making us have more command over our emotions and thought process.
  • Excessive levels of Cortisol are found to be one of the reasons behind stress. Box breathing helps in reducing the cortisol level to a healthy extent.
  • If done regularly, box breathing can reflect positive changes in concentration levels.
  • It is also very significant in improving mental stability and calmness of mind.
  • Besides this, practicing this exercise helps to get rid of depression, anxiety.
  • Box breathing is an improvised version of relaxed breathing, that is why it is quite advantageous for our respiratory system.

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