Different types of meditation for a cheerful life

Different types of meditation for a cheerful life

In this modern era, the pressure of competition has started disturbing people mentally. So, to cope with these inner stresses, people take the help of meditation. Meditation helps us in relaxing our mind. With our relaxed mind, we focus on our work more and contribute more at the workplace. Besides these, there are multiple benefits of meditation. In recent years, the number of people has increased in this world who have started taking the help of meditation, thus making it famous. There are many methods of meditation, which prove fruitful to us. These methods are mentioned following:

• Basic Mindfulness Meditation

• Chocolate Meditation

• Loving kindness Meditation

• Music Meditation

• Walking Meditation

• Bath Meditation

• Five-minute Meditation

1. Basic Mindfulness Meditation:

This is the most famous meditation as it’s an easy process. People can carry out this meditation anywhere and it brings out mental peace. It helps people to understand the past and create awareness about the present. It relaxes our mind and makes us calm. Therefore, it is highly practiced meditation.

2. Chocolate Meditation:

Chocolate is an important food ingredient, which proves helpful in many ways. Similar to that, Chocolate meditation is one of the most helpful meditation techniques. In this type of meditation, people take chocolate therapy. This meditation soothes the mind and makes people feel comfortable and happy too.

3. Loving-kindness Meditation:

Loving-kindness meditation involves not only ourselves but our family also participates indirectly. When we start to love and care for our family, friends, known people and others, we soon become happy. Such a type of loving kindness gesture gives us immense pleasure. Also, such meditation contributes to becoming a better human being, not only from the inside but also from the outside. We automatically become calm when we invest our energy into loving other people. It is the most effective way of managing stress and satisfaction in life.

4. Music Meditation:

Arts is considered as an effective way of stressing out and music is the rank holder amongst the art sectors for coping with our stress. It’s our own experience that whenever we listen to some sort of pleasant music, we find peace within ourselves. Music makes the soul happy and when the soul becomes cheerful, people work more effectively. Music makes an internal connection and helps us to improve our concentration. We all attain peace of mind in the solace of music. Therefore, music meditation is considered one of the enjoyable meditation practices.

5. Walking Meditation:

Often people meditate for mental peace and meditation is usually considered as mental work, rather than any physical activity. But walking meditation is a physical activity, which not only keeps us physically fit but keeps us also mentally fit. There are so many people who like to walk a long distance. Walking diverts our mind from stress and helps us to achieve calmness in life.

6. Bath Meditation:

Bath meditation is a unique form of meditation that provides relaxation to both body and mind. The tiny water drops give a bigger result. It provides relief to the body and such type of meditation proves a blessing to the entire body. The mind also becomes peaceful. It is also advisable to take the warm bath meditation if someone returns after a hectic and tiring schedule.

7. Five – minute Meditation:

Five-minute meditation can also be carried out if we are busy, we lack much free time and we want to find some peace. For cutting the level of stress, five-minute meditation proves beneficial. It makes people calm and feels fresh. This type of meditation also includes physical exercise, which is beneficial for both body and mind.

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