9 ways to Help Maintain Mental Health During the Coronavirus Pandemic

9 ways to Help Maintain Mental Health During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Humans are social animals. Lock the social animals in a cage and observe their behavior, you will eventually know why they are considered a social animals. Amidst this coronavirus crisis, you might have thought about numerous things you didn’t think about earlier. Sitting on the couch, cut from the outer world you would have related to the plight of a caged bird. You have all the time, no social interaction and you have just come to feel and relate to the pain of being locked in four walls. Sudden mood swings, restlessness, anxiety are some symptoms most people are showing in this post Covid19 world. Humans are groomed to be social animals. Creatures who socialize, gather, talk with their kith and kin, share their thoughts. During this COVID19 period, we are just devoid of our normal schedules. Work from Home was cool and sounded great when you were commuting to your workplace every day but now you have started realizing how happening it was to interact with people around, how it was important even to see faces of strangers glued to their mobile in a metro coach.

In the initial phases of lockdown, things were new and people were enjoying being confined to their homes but as time moved things have begun to change drastically. The psychological effects of coronavirus are obvious and evident. You might have felt the angst within you. The angst of being confined to your home for a long period. It is still very hard for lots of people to accept this new ‘new’. The mental health of masses is gradually going on a very dangerous low. We are just ignoring the fact as we never get worried when it comes to mental health. People are more concerned even if they accidentally overcut their cuticles but when it comes to mental health they accept it as a normal thing.

In this article, we are going to talk about some ways and practices by which you can just boost your mental and psychological health in this difficult phase of human history.

1. Change your perspective

The initial step to treat any mental issue is to change your point of view. While for this coronavirus situation, numerous individuals are seeing it as a kind of punishment. People are talking that this is nature’s curse on us, the result of bad human deeds. Also, it was somebody’s erroneous attitude for which everybody is paying for.

Never think this way. Try to take everything in a positive way. Think you are offered time to compose your life. Think that you have been given extra time to think about yourself, think about people around you. You have been gifted some precious time to spend with your family. This would just change the whole perception from a dark tone to a lighter one. Eventually, you will feel mentally calm and composed.

2. Stick to your normal routine

As mentioned before that humans are social creatures, and we are also a slave of our habits. So, that is why we resist changes to our daily routine.

As we have already mentioned that humans are social creatures, we would add humans are also a slave of their habits. This is the reason why we are reluctant to change our daily routines and habits. You are not going out, commuting to your workplace, meeting a friend, hanging out with friends at parties. In your routine, you are just supposed to do everything at home. To accept the change but try to make it like before as much as possible. Talk with friends digitally, play online games with friends digitally. Party alone, cook mouth-savoring dishes for yourself and your family once in a while. Don’t let anything spoil your mood.

3. Stop Watching COVID19 related news

These days everybody is all engrossed in Covid19, be it social media or traditional media everywhere there is a concern of over COVID19 cases, COVID19 deaths. News and information are good for being updated about what’s happening around but too much of such news can make you mentally sick. It is important to stay away from it. Abstain yourself from too much of this COVID19 news dose. Play video games and watch good movies.

4. Keep yourself organized and your house clean

The world has unleashed its chaotic side. No one is certain about what is going to happen. Things have drastically changed. You are all confined to home. It is very important to take care of your home’s cleanliness. An unorganized and dirty home can also trigger your pessimistic side. Try to keep your house organized, neat and clean. Don’t use your bed as a dining table. Keep yourself and your house organized. This will make you feel light and energetic and eventually counter negativity around you.

5. Start a new hobby or spend more time on your hobbies

You love to write, sing, dance, cook or you have any other hobbies, it’s the right time to spend some time with these hobbies. If you don’t have any hobby or you just want to start a new hobby there are multiple options that can be done within the four walls of your house. Start learning a guitar or any other musical instrument, there are lots of creative ways you can indulge yourself in a hobby and can generate feel-good hormones within.

6. Socialise digitally

The biggest advantage that we’ve during these days and age is the internet. The Internet is a kind of boon from the technology we have. Using it wisely can bring lots of great things to our life. In this COVID19 era when we have limited ourselves to cut off from our social circle, we can use the internet to socialize with our friends or even can make new friends. Getting connected to people is one of the best things one can do to maintain his social and mental health. In this lockdown period, people are more open than ever. You’ll talk with these friends for hours on end. Who knows, you would possibly even find the one you were always trying to find.

7. Meditate more

A lot of research has been done on meditation, and every one of them proves that it helps reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety. In this time of great uncertainty, nothing is best than calmness. If you’re facing problems meditating, then you ought to start by slow breathing. This is able to also reduce the anxiety inside you.

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8. Upskill yourself

After the COVID19 outbreak, lots of things have changed lately. Education is also among these things. There are several online courses on the internet, which you can enroll in and learn in the comfort of your home. You can enroll in several online certificate courses at SkillingIndia. SkillingIndia is a new age edTech organization that aims to skill individuals and professionals interactively with their digital courses on various specializations and subjects.

Last but not the least, always give importance to your mental health as well as your physical health.

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