7 key employability skills employers are seeking

7 key employability skills employers are seeking

With the dynamics of the world-changing in 2020 due to the pandemic, employment around the globe took a toll. The global employment rate came to a standstill with every four out of the five being unemployed. Employment is one such topic that is always up for discussion among students, professionals, and people who are willing to re-start their careers. While seeking a job, there are certain employability skills which an individual must possess for him/her to get selected for their desired job role. So if you are looking for ways “how to improve my employability skills”, then my friend you have landed at the right place at the right time!

What are the Employability Skills?

Employability skills are the skills that are required by an employer to be present in their employee. These are the transferable skills which an employer looks out for during the hiring process. Besides the basic technical understanding and subject knowledge about the field, skills like communication, excellent interview skills, time management, and more are very essential. Check out the link on how to improve my interview skills to crack every interview you face with flying colors. 

Here are 7 key employability skills which employers are seeking in an employee

1. Communication

Irrespective of your job profile, communication is one of the most important employability skills which employers are seeking in their employees. They want their employees to convey the message precisely without opting out any important point. Excellent communication skills help in increasing the productivity and efficiency of the company and helps in saving the precious time and resources of the organization. Effective communication skills also include active listening abilities which an individual must-have.

2. Teamwork

Teamwork is an essential employability skill that one should possess. It is through effective teamwork that a certain team in the organization can do wonders with their assigned task.

3. Time Management

Time is everything. Once the time is wasted, it cannot be brought back, so try to spend your precious time in the most fruitful way possible. Try to manage your limited time in all the tasks in such a way that all of the tasks are completed on time without any backlogs. The technique of time management includes one’s understanding of how much time it would take to complete any assigned task.

4. Ethics

Ethics refers to an employee’s principles. Employers are looking for employees who understand the rules of the company and follow them diligently. It also includes integrity, honesty, trustworthiness, and responsibility as the pillars of successful working.

5. Computer skills

In today’s technology-driven world, computer skills are very important which an employer is seeking in their employee. Knowledge on how to work on Microsoft office tools, surfing the internet, and more skills like this are in high demand. For IT professionals, software knowledge and how to work on them is a crucial part of their job.

6. Critical thinking

Critical thinking is a skill that helps an employee to understand, analyze and draw conclusions for a piece of information. They need to assess the situation and come up with solutions that help in growing the business as a whole. Thus they need to make sensible judgments and need to polish their analytical and problem-solving skills.

7. Initiator

Employers are looking for individuals who are self-initiators and would recognize any problem within their work frame and try to resolve it on their own. This initiating habit leads to creating a good impression about you in the eyes of your employer.

Other employability skills which employers are seeking are multi-tasking, ability to learn a new skill, flexibility, motivation, goal-oriented, enthusiast, sharp memory, focus, and prioritizing.

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