6 Finance Career Options To Consider in India

6 Finance Career Options To Consider in India

A career in finance is quite rewarding and lucrative. People who opted for Economics, Accounting, Finance as a major in their sophomore days mostly choose finance as their career options. It is all about making money and managing it. Professionals in the finance sector deal with the debt market, capital market, stock market, funds, mergers, and acquisitions, or work in comfortable schedules of banks & insurance sectors.
In India, finance has always remained a great option for a career. Below is the list of finance career options to consider in India.

1. Investment Banker:
Investment bankers are corporate financial advisors. They help the clients to raise money as well as help to raise capital for the big company. They have to serve as a facilitator between a company and its investors. They provide various financial advisory services and also assist with mergers and acquisitions. Any company seeks the help of investment bankers to look at the issue of bond financing to finance the expansion of newly built companies.
Therefore, investment bankers are in high demand and they are highly paid. This highest paid profession in the finance sector can help an investment banker to earn an average salary of INR 782988 per year.

2. Financial Analyst:
A financial analyst is the one who researches the macroeconomic and microeconomic conditions of any company. He collects financial information, such as price, yield, stability, and future trends in investment risks. A financial analyst has to prepare a plan of action and also has to recommend investments and investment timing to companies, for the financial growth of the concerned company.
Financial analysts can earn up to INR 355717 per year.

3. Venture Capital Analyst:
A venture capital analyst has to gather performance metrics from portfolio companies and summarize them for the partnership. He also searches for new, interesting companies and makes the first contact with them. He has to conduct sector research. Also has to provide capital to start-ups and also plan for small companies for their expansion.
An analyst employed at venture capital firms takes home a salary of INR 5 lakhs per annum, depending on the experience and expertise.

4. Chief Financial Officer:
The chief financial officer (CFO) is the one who plans, implements manages, and runs all the financial activities of a company, and then reports to the chief executive officer (CEO). He has to look over business planning, budgeting, forecasting, and negotiations. He also advises on long-term business and financial planning.
The average salary of a Chief Financial Officer is INR 3, 335, 902 per year.

5. Portfolio Manager:
Portfolio managers are experienced-seeking people who oversee client portfolios. Portfolio managers usually work at money management firms and hedge funds. They help their clients in making financial decisions. This post is considered a senior post at the workplace.
The person working as a portfolio manager can earn up to a yearly package of INR 1220838.

6. Risk Analyst:
Risk analyst checks the company’s portfolio and analyzes the risk, which can threaten the financial position of the concerned company. He makes recommendations to limit risk through diversification, currency exchanges, and other investment strategies.
The average pay package of a Risk Analyst is INR 501424 per year.

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