6 Achievements you should mention in your Accounts and Finance CV

6 Achievements you should mention in your Accounts and Finance CV

When writing your CV it is important to mention a few important basic things like Educational qualification, past job experiences, and skillsets. This is quite normal for a CV or resume but when it comes to writing a CV or resume to seek job opportunities in the Finance and Accounting sector you can keep some pointers in mind.

If you’re putting together your CV right now or planning to switch jobs, we’re here to help. Here’s why you need to highlight your achievements, plus six examples you could add to your application to help you stand out from the crowd:

Below are examples of information you should mention in your accounts and finance CV to get highlighted by the recruiters. You can modify these according to your experience.

1. Managing or overseeing others

Example: Managed a team of ten account executives, assistants, and interns to ensure all deadlines were met on time.

If you’ve been in a managerial role or role of a team lead, make sure to shout out about your strong leadership and organizational skills. You can also add more context to your achievement by giving the exact number of people in the team and the kind of tasks your team members were doing.

2. Helping to cut business costs

Example: Guided senior managers to reduce overall business expenditure by 10% saving the company 10 lakhs per year.

By showing your cost-cutting skills in your previous role you can garner the attention of your current recruiter. Every business wants finance employees to be cost-cutters who save money.

3. Saving time

Example: Developed new and complex excel sheets to generate monthly accounts data quickly, reducing the time from 4 days to 2.

These types of achievements show that you are creative and innovative. It also reflects your time-saving skills which is a very important skill in today’s world.

4. Increasing revenue

Example: Analysed client accounts using tools like MS Access and was able to identify weaker performing areas. Using this data, I was able to improve these accounts increasing average revenue by 15%.

Stats about your past achievements give a very sinister and strong impression about your past work. It shows your efficiency and effectiveness in your work.

5. Building client relationships

Example: Built good and lasting relationships with all my clients and ensured there were systems and resources in place to deal with any of their queries in less than 24-hours.

Relationships with clients are an important aspect of today’s corporate culture. A good understanding and helpful employee, who can deal with clients under pressure is quite an asset for a company.

6. Showing how your hard work was recognized

Example: I was voted ‘accountant of the month’ on several occasions and nominated for a ‘Work Excellence Award’ by my colleagues.

Being voted employee of the week, month or year proves that you are hardworking and doing something right. If you’ve ever won or been nominated for an award this also tells the recruiter that your previous employer was impressed with your work and dedication.

These are the things that can make your account and finance CV look different from others. In the kinds of CVs and Resumes where you mention your past roles and achievements in a transparent way, it increases your chance of getting shortlisted.

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