5 Proven ways to improve communication skills

5 Proven ways to improve communication skills

Do you feel stuck at times while conversing with people? Do you think you lack self-confidence when it comes to conveying your thoughts? Does fumbling between sentences has become a never-ending habit? If the answer to the above questions is YES then my dear friend you lack enhanced communication skills in your skillset.


Now after knowing you need to improve your communication skills, don’t get disheartened, instead work on yourself and polish your skill set. If you are now thinking to find ways “how to improve my communication skills”, then we would highly suggest to join us on this thrilling journey to become a fluent speaker and an active listener by scrolling and reading some ways we have mentioned to improve communication skills:


Join An Online Course

There are tons of online courses available these days on almost everything. You name it and a readily available online course is there waiting for you with open arms. Thus when it comes to the communication skills course, we would gladly introduce you to SkillingIndia’s Communication Skills Course, wherein a learner can not only learn about communication but also enhance their listening skills along with writing and other non-verbal skills.


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Stay Positive

It is important to stay positive to become a good communicator. A positive attitude can take you places whereas always complaining about things would be destructive for your image. People tend to listen to individuals who stay positive and look on the bright side of life instead of always indulging in negative thoughts. Even if you want to express your displeasure, try to be kind and humble.

Timing Is The Master

When it comes to communication, timing plays a very critical role. One cannot always joke around at the workplace and be serious in social gatherings. Thus time plays an important role and communicating the right thing at the right time is the key to improve your communication skills.


Don’t Over Talk Other People

Make sure not to talk over other people. Wait for them to complete and then speak your views and thoughts about it. Cutting down people midway while they are speaking leaves a negative impact and your audience would treat you to be a very impatient speaker.


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Regular Follow-Ups & Feedback

To have an effective communication process, regular follow-ups are essential. Follow-ups would help in creating a clear action plan for the future. Besides follow-up, honest feedback is also important to improve your communication skills. This feedback helps in knowing an individual their improvising points on which they can work and improve their skills.


Thus in the end we would like to conclude that effective communication involves clarity of words and thoughts, respect for others views, awareness of the situation, and consideration. Communication skills are one of the most important soft skills to possess to have a successful career. Listen to others what they have to say. Don’t judge the book by its cover, it might turn out to be very useful and helpful. Also, stick around the topic of the agenda and connect with your audience.

Hope these ways prove to be useful for you to improve your communication skills.


If we missed any important point, then do let us know in the comments section below. We would love to hear your views about it and include them in part 2 of the communication blog! Till then keep learning and improving.